Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Swimsuits again

I haven't written on here in SO LONG and as I looked at the last post I realised that since then I have managed to find a original 1950s swimsuit for only £10.


Friday, 29 May 2009

Nautical Numbers

I was on holiday two weeks ago and before I went I was desperately looking for a retro inspired 50s swimsuit or bikini; I'm thinking high waisted skirted bottom and push up top. I blogged on the trials and tribulations of finding one that doesn't cost a minimum of £40.

I have always loved the vintage look but it is definitely Michael Kors well known skirted swimsuit that asos.com sells for a measly £220 that has made the look so famous.

I love it and if I had a couple of hundred quid kicking around I absolutely would buy it! Unfortunately I don't...no surprise. So I did not buy a new one and "forgot" to pack one for the holiday; forcing me completely against my will to buy a new one in Italy. Oh dear.

So after buying espadrilles with clashing polka dot and stripy sashes to tie around my pasty ankles I stumbled into a department store in Pisa for a cheap swimsuit to do me for the trip. And the first thing I land on is a bright yellow bikini with three white buttons down each side of the low, almost skirted, pants and a matching yellow band across the chest. Retro, cute and, most notably, (knock a zero off the end of Kors' baby) cheaper.

20 Euro for the bikini I was looking for? Maybe it's better just to hold off on impulse buys...patience clearly is a virtue!!

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Boxing Trouble

I was a tad disappointed to find a fantastic looking replica of my orange tulip Reiss skirt that I have been banging on about in previous blogs on asos.com in the form of this box pleat waist tulip skirt at only £24.50.

As my Reiss skirt is double that price I have to say I was a tad miffed. Although at least this one does not come in acid orange as I tell myself that makes my one unique.

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

The Power of a Petticoat

One tip: The petticoat goes a long way and makes ANY summer skirt or dress look amazing!! Take this check dress in the right image from Topshop. It looks AMAZING with the petticoat underneath.

and without....?

Not really as inspiring....

I recommend hunting around some charity shops for some really good value ones as they will be much cheaper than anything you will find in a Vintage shop. However if you're not a charity shop digger then Beyond Retro is an obvious, yet no hassle choice.

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Two Toned Tights

Chanel's two toned tights were the epitome of last season's focus on tights and there was no mistaking my inability to afford these quirky classics.

From Chanel to American Apparel these tights now become affordable at ten pounds a pop. However, they are in such demand I found it impossible to get my hands on the black and white version. Sure, I could have the fluorescent yellow and coral ones, but it just isn't monochrome. It isn't classic. It isn't the same.

Fear not, however, a quick search on ebay provided me with the very tights for £3 only two days later.

Monday, 8 December 2008

Harlequin Dream

As I drool over the unaffordable Cesare Paciotti Harlequin shoes, priced in their hundreds and hundres of dollars I turn to Irregular Choice in order to get the closest a high street brand can be to such extravagant wonderousness.

Although Irregular Choice aren't quite the standard of the Paciotti, the first is close and priced at £85 and the second are just amazing and priced at £75.

Dorothy Perkins

To Update the black Dorothy Perkins shoes: they had a successful outing and no foot pain was experienced!!