Monday, 8 December 2008

Harlequin Dream

As I drool over the unaffordable Cesare Paciotti Harlequin shoes, priced in their hundreds and hundres of dollars I turn to Irregular Choice in order to get the closest a high street brand can be to such extravagant wonderousness.

Although Irregular Choice aren't quite the standard of the Paciotti, the first is close and priced at £85 and the second are just amazing and priced at £75.

Dorothy Perkins

To Update the black Dorothy Perkins shoes: they had a successful outing and no foot pain was experienced!!

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Black Dorothy Perkins Shoes

OK, so I know this is only the second week and I should really go for really interesting, unique and quirky finds; at least for a time while it gets going, but I just needed a pair of black high heeled pumps. I don't wear heels a lot, and right now I shouldn't even be spending any money at all, and this blog is about great finds, not just focused on what I wear. All of these reasons are being shunned though as I simply needed black high heeled pumps. I had none. Which girl on which planet does not have plain black shoes? Is it only me? I have bought almost 15 pairs of Irregular Choice shoes over the last few years. I own sequinned red sparkly heels a la Dorothy on her yellow brick road. I fashion purple sparkly platform heels, of course! Luminous pink DMs, pvc and suede boots with a leopard print heel (admittedly never worn either), lace up boots, white 60s strappy mary jane's etc etc the list goes on. But, no plain black heels.

I think a good pair of shoes are hard to find, and price is not always an indicator of good shoes, although certainly more unique and intricate shoes have a higher price tag. However, I have a black and white zig-zag stripe pair of Irregular Choice which are exceedingly comfortable; I can wear them all night with no foot cramp whatsoever and much dancing and they only cost me £49.99. Which isn't cheap as chips, but for endless wear is pretty good.

These black and white shoes are going into my bargain find post before I have worn them, so I have to make a disclaimer on that note and be able to retract them if they are useless and fall apart or make my feet bleed (like a certain pair of black with white graffiti pattern rocket dog heels worn once and now only scowled at). However, until then I am going to put them in against these Rupert Sanderson patent pumps which at £310 don't strike me as anything unique asides from the designer label.

Oh, and these pumps are only £20!

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Week 1

This is the first of Rachael's weekly fancies: whatever you fancy at a price you can afford!

My first blogged find is my H&M version of Kate Moss's 80's jumper bodycon dresses.

This dress comes in purple and purple glitter stripes (pictured), black and gold, and silver and silver glitter stripes.

Worn with black tights and purple glitter platforms from Schuh.

This dressed is priced at £19.99 against £50 - £110 retail price, but more likely you will have to pay £80 - £300 on Ebay to get the Kate Moss dress.